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Join the Interactive Online Training Resource on Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs hosted by A to E Challenges, LLC.

Online Training Resource on Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs

We’ve seen too many people and corporations harmed by having their ideas stolen or by unknowingly performing actions that result in losing rights to protect aspects of their ideas. If that were not bad enough, so many also unknowingly waste vast resources on services that do not align with their business goals. This is due to a lack of understanding IP rights and strategic use.

Nieves IP’s founder, Peter Nieves, created a way to address this issue. Joining forces with A to E Challenges, LLC, a separate corporation that Peter created to address this very lack in the industry, Nieves IP focuses on cultivating a learning environment that supports businesses and individuals at all stages. 

Those not quite sure where to start with IP or seeking a deeper level of knowledge, are encouraged to explore the training provided by the Protect Your Idea Challenge (TM) and other programs made available by A to E Challenges, LLC.

Uncover Secrets To Protecting Your Ideas and Assets Through Intellectual Property

Law for AI 2-Hour Masterclass

Artificial Intelligence (AI) software is completely changing the world we live in making it even easier to lose the rights to your valuable ideas or increase your vulnerability to IP lawsuits.

Protect Your Idea 5-Day Challenge

Your ideas are vital to your success and that of others. Save significant time and money by accessing essential information and tools needed to protect your ideas, business and income.

Content Creators Bootcamp

All Content Creators must build presence.  Imagine you create something amazing, and suddenly, it's everywhere. How do you keep it yours? And what can you safely copy?