Trademarks & Branding

Protecting your reputation

Brand identity represents reputation of an individual or business to the public and trademarks protect specific aspects of that brand identity.  Individuals and businesses invest significant time and resources on trademarks and branding in the hopes of gaining favorable recognition in their industry.  A single name, logo, or slogan can draw potential customers far and wide, even when they are not aware of the source of goods or services, but instead are drawn just by the name, slogan, or logo (e.g., Advil® – who actually makes it and do you care?). In short, trademarks can be very powerful when used properly. 

It is in the best interest of corporations and individuals to actively pursue protection of their trademarks and branding.  This includes knowing what trademark rights are already granted without additional government filing, making sure that trademarks used do not infringe upon the trademark rights of others, and monitoring the public to ensure that owned trademarks are not used by others in an unlawful fashion that could either confuse the public as to the source of goods or services, or dilute strength of owned trademarks. 

Nieves IP represents clients at all stages of development, having anywhere from a single trademark to hundreds, and with registered and unregistered trademarks. Its founder is one of few who have obtained trademark rights to a color.

Nieves IP assists clients in the following aspects of trademark law: