IP Licensing & Agreements

Protecting your working relationships

IP assets hold tremendous revenue and strategic potential. While one right associated with IP ownership is the right to exclude others or stop others from performing certain actions, another right is the ability to license owned IP to third parties.  Effective licensing can provide a lucrative revenue stream and even open the door for entry into a market not previously available or accessible.

Nieves IP represents its clients with a unique set of skills and experience in all areas of IP, applying these to negotiate and construct highly effective IP license agreements, other agreements, and assignments.  We partner with clients to develop effective IP strategies that consider all aspects of IP ownership as we guide our clients through licensing negotiations and scenarios using years of experience.  We make sure that clients understand all provisions of agreements and do not get lost in the legal language.

Nieves IP negotiates and drafts IP licenses for the licensing of all categories of IP and know-how, whether unrestricted or subject to limitations such as geographical limitations, time limitations, technological limitations, or more.  The client’s desires provide the framework, as we work with the client toward a final agreement.