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Without a basic understanding of IP it’s easy for a business to infringe upon IP rights of others, to be taken advantage of, and to spend resources on things not needed.

Being concerned with the lack of IP understanding IP by businesses and individuals, resulting in detrimental consequences, Nieves IP Law Group's founder, Peter Nieves, created a way to address this issue. Joining forces with A to E Challenges, LLC, a separate corporation that Peter created to address this very lack in the industry, Nieves IP focuses on cultivating a learning environment that supports businesses and individuals at all stages. Those not quite sure where to start with IP or seeking a deeper level of knowledge, are encouraged to explore the training provided by the Protect Your Idea Challenge (TM) and other programs made available by A to E Challenges, LLC. Other resources are also provided here to assist in IP familiarity in the hopes of equipping entrepreneurs and businesses for success.

Peter Nieves

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