Law for A.I.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) software is completely changing the world we live in, making it even easier to lose the rights to your valuable ideas or increase your vulnerablility to IP lawsuits.

An Online Masterclass for creative Entrepreneurs who want to protect themselves in a world of Artificial Intelligence

New Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms are being introduced weekly. However, with this beneficial technology came a legal minefield…

Lawsuits are being filed, proprietary information is being lost, images and content is being scrapped without permission, and more. As with anything, there is a learning curve which is why this Masterclass was created. You may have come across terms like Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents…but how do they apply to you, your business, and what you produce with services like ChatGTP, Midjourney, and other AI Platforms?

Award-Winning Attorney Peter Nieves will provide guidance in this rapidly-changing field specific to legal impact on you and your business. He will discuss the IP components for businesses that generate AI created content and images, how to manage your IP properly, some of the best practices, and preventable but common misuses.

Jennifer Flannery
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EVERYONE needs this class. Even if you don't proactively use AI, it is using your content. This was like A to Z of AI, moving from a short intro of AI basics into the deep-end of IP law. BYO seatbelt!
Patty Barber
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The Masterclass was excellent. AI is all over the place, it's very exciting and also scary. You don't know what you don't know, but Peter Nieves is helping people get ahead of the curve. AI is going to keep progressing and as the laws keep evolving, Peter is on it. Very informative and pertinent right now! So glad I attended and will sign up for the next one.
Laurie Spencer
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This training is a must for anyone who uses AI or is considering AI. Peter explains the issues/pitfalls so clearly and how to navigate them. This training is worth its weight in gold.
Alison Magill
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I cannot thank you enough Peter Nieves for the incredible wisdom you have shared with us in this challenge. I - and probably every other creator or entrepreneur - really had no idea what is involved in protecting our business names, our products, our programs and our creations.

In This Two-Hour Masterclass You Will Learn:


Overall, very professional. You're very believable... Without you telling me anything, I believe you have a lot of credibility. You walk with a very credible kind of swag.

Peter's skillset in protecting ideas through intellectual property combined with his commitment to training and serving others makes him a powerful resource to entrepreneurs. As a financial professional and 8 figure entrepreneur, I've worked with lots of tax and legal professionals...Peter is a pro's pro, truly an expert in his area.

Peter has shown himself to be capable of delivering extraordinary patent work on-time and under budget. He has a real zest for IP that is self evident whether working with inventors or licensing officers. The expression “going the extra mile” might be cliché, but it is certainly applicable when describing Peter and his interactions with MIT. He leaves me no choice but to keep hiring him over and over.