Global IP Portfolio Management

Protecting your global impact

Due to the shift to a global marketplace, companies and individuals may have global impact with customers located in many countries. Remaining competitive in a global marketplace requires obtaining IP protection that expands further than local borders.

Nieves IP, in association with trusted foreign agents in over 100 countries of the world, provides customized and strategic IP services that are directed to client goals and needs throughout the world.  Working with these agents, Nieves IP develops and maintains global IP portfolios for our clients, while taking into consideration local customs and legal issues. 

In providing Global IP Portfolio Management services, Nieves IP considers the prosecution history of all IP family members associated with a case, so as to maintain consistency in IP protection, while minimizing costs. 

Our Global IP Portfolio Management services include the filing and prosecution of patent, trademark, and copyright applications, maintaining status of all IP assets within a central database with associated status, assignment of rights, licensing, and enforcement.