Protect Your Idea Challenge

In this 5-day online challenge event, you will have direct access to one of the US’s Top IP Attorneys in a live and interactive setting.

A 5-Day Online Challenge for every Entrepreneur who wants to protect their ideas & gain a competitive edge without massive legal cost or scars.

If you have ever worried about someone stealing your valuable ideas, this training is for you. With the goal to help you save valuable time, hard-earned money, and most importantly, keep you out of legal trouble, The Protect Your Idea Challenge™ is an exclusive experience designed to provide you with the essential tools and understanding you need.

Everyone should have access to the knowledge required to safeguard their creative endeavours, regardless of their budget.

“By making my expertise more accessible, I aim to make a positive impact on the business world and help slash the staggering 90% start-up failure rate.”

When it comes to your livelihood, no one should ever care more about your assets than you. But together, we can secure your ideas, safeguard your business, and embark on a journey of protection and empowerment
Robynn Coates
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What a pleasant surprise as I have always thought any thing legal-related was over my head, but this was actually super informational and interesting. This challenge is a MUST for anyone who has any intellectual property...
Alison Magill
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I cannot thank you enough Peter Nieves for the incredible wisdom you have shared with us in this challenge. I - and probably every other creator or entrepreneur - really had no idea what is involved in protecting our business names, our products, our programs and our creations.
AnnaMarie Kaminski
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We don't know what we don't know, so we don't know which questions to ask to make sure that our business and assets are fully protected. The extra time with Peter was worth it's weight in gold because he is an absolute joy to work with and he never makes you feel stupid about any kind of questions you have.

In This FREE, 5-Day Challenge You Will Learn:

PLUS Much MUCH More...

Overall, very professional. You're very believable... Without you telling me anything, I believe you have a lot of credibility. You walk with a very credible kind of swag.

Peter's skillset in protecting ideas through intellectual property combined with his commitment to training and serving others makes him a powerful resource to entrepreneurs. As a financial professional and 8 figure entrepreneur, I've worked with lots of tax and legal professionals...Peter is a pro's pro, truly an expert in his area.

Peter has shown himself to be capable of delivering extraordinary patent work on-time and under budget. He has a real zest for IP that is self evident whether working with inventors or licensing officers. The expression “going the extra mile” might be cliché, but it is certainly applicable when describing Peter and his interactions with MIT. He leaves me no choice but to keep hiring him over and over.