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Turning the traditional client-attorney relationship on its head so we can serve you in a truly extraordinary way. 

Setting the Standard and Doing Things Differently

At Nieves IP Law Group we offer services that encompass all areas of intellectual property. We also seek to provide our clients with one dedicated attorney who can handle all IP needs.

We have established flat-fees for many of our services to remove the mystery of legal costs associated with project based billing.

When you partner with Nieves IP Law Group, we take the time to explain the procedures, processes, and options to ensure understanding, to allow for making informed decisions on how to proceed. This allows you to be an active participant in protecting your valuable assets.

Nieves IP believes that every business, corporation, educational institution, inventor, and individual should have access to legal understanding and support to help them navigate the complex world of intellectual property law.


Single flat-fee bill

Business owners desire predictability. To accommodate, we have designed our services so that clients can know total cost upfront.  This results in fewer invoices and accurate budgeting of legal expenses. Efficient, transparent & predictable. 



Our mission is to ensure we work with our client’s best interest at heart. This means our clients can connect with us without fear of being continuously billed and can trust that our recommendations will be in line with their business goals.


Fully Comprehensive

Say goodbye to working with a separate IP attorney, trademark attorney, copyright attorney, trade secret attorney, litigator,  prosecutor, licensing or opinion-work expert. There’s no need to deal with three different law firms when you can talk to one. We love simplicity.

Practice Areas - Every area of Intellectual Property in one place


Copyrights are rights awarded to creators where a fixed form of an originally created work can be legally protected. Most do not realize the vast application of copyrights, especially with today’s social media applications.

Global IP Portfolio Management

Due to the shift to a global marketplace, companies and individuals may have global impact with customers located in many countries. Remaining competitive in a global marketplace requires obtaining IP protection that expands further than local borders.

IP Audits

IP audits are an in-depth assessment of currently owned IP, known and unknown, to identify and assess valuable corporate assets and provide a strategic plan for maximum corporate gain, while exposing potential risk.

IP Licensing & Agreements

IP assets hold tremendous revenue and strategic potential. While one right associated with IP ownership is the right to exclude others or stop others from performing certain actions, another right is the ability to license owned IP to third parties.


In a highly competitive world where businesses and individuals no longer are competing just locally, but globally due to technology making most things available at your fingertips, it is beneficial to have a competitive edge. Patents provide a needed competitive edge to their owners and are critical to the protection of new inventions.

Trademarks & Branding

Brand identity represents reputation of an individual or business to the public and trademarks protect specific aspects of that brand identity. Individuals and businesses invest significant time and resources on trademarks and branding in the hopes of gaining favorable recognition in their industry.

Trade Secrets

Not all formulas, practices, processes and other systems and methods should be made public. In fact, when things are not reverse-engineerable, sometimes it is better to maintain them as a trade secret, with the potential of having protection last longer than a patent.