Protecting your created works

Copyrights are rights awarded to creators where a fixed form of an originally created work can be legally protected. Most do not realize the vast application of copyrights, especially with today’s social media applications.  From websites and funnels, to software code, to videos on social media platforms, to music on audio steaming platforms, to physical and electronic publications, to physical and electronic paintings and much more, copyrights are involved and many aspects of our daily lives.  Copyrights are important to many different groups of individuals, such as, but not limited to, software developers, business and life coaches, artists, authors, musicians, website developers, and content creators. 

Nieves IP helps identify potential areas of protection and procure rights under copyright law.  We assist clients with obtaining copyright registration on software code, images, film, video productions and motion pictures, architectural designs and floorplans, physical and virtual publications, unpublished works, music and audio recordings, sculptures, and more.

Nieves IP prepares and enforces copyright licenses on behalf of clients, always keeping their strategic goals in mind.  We also serve clients in the handling of copyright assignments and the enforcement of copyrights through notification and litigation.