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Protecting Ideas & Intellectual Property in a way that serves clients best

We aren't afraid of doing things differently

We believe that people matter most. This is why we strive to lead through serving first and because we are serious in our intentions, we have completely re-imaged what the modern-day client-attorney relationship could look like. Protect your business and ideas, with a unique client-attorney partnership that will turn traditional expectations on its head.

Transforming businesses by educating them first

We train businesses on how to navigate the legal landscape so they can understand options for protecting creative and original works and avoid pitfalls & unnecessary costs.

Providing elite legal services while putting client needs first

Learning client goals, identifying their needs, proactively protecting clients and providing the best possible experience while building relationships.

Building a diverse legal community that is reflective of the public

Active engagement in providing a legal community that is inviting and can understand the people that they represent.

Based in New Hampshire USA but creating impact Worldwide

Percent Minority Owned Business
Countries with partnering agents for foreign filing


At Nieves IP we believe that an informed client is the best client.


Thoughtfully using legal tools to provide what clients want as well as what they need.


Spearheading DEI initiatives and bridging the gap between clients and law firms. 

Putting our clients first

One Flat-fee Bill

Business owners desire predictability. To accommodate, we have designed our services so that our clients will know the total cost upfront. This results in fewer invoices and accurate budgeting of legal expenses. Clear, transparent & predictable.

Fully Comprehensive

At Nieves IP we seek to have all attorneys trained in multiple areas of IP. This provides a unique experience where a single IP attorney can join a meeting and identify all IP issues, without requiring additional counsel and additional meetings, and therefore, additional cost.

Nieves IP provides legal guidance and services in the areas of patent litigation and prosecution, global IP portfolio management, patent licensing, counseling on IP strategies, IP due diligence in connection with mergers and acquisitions, trademark prosecution, disputes concerning trademarks and copyrights, IP licensing, and IP legal opinion work (validity, invalidity, clearance, patentability, and more).

So say goodbye to working with different IP attorneys for trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets, as well as different IP litigators, IP licensing attorneys and those handling IP legal opinion work.

There’s no need to deal with three different law firms and juggle who manages what, when you can talk to your own dedicated attorney instead. We love simplicity and the opportunity to serve our clients deeply in a way that is not just broad, but complete.

Client Centered Recommendations

At Nieves IP, we put the business of our clients first. Our recommendations are inline with client goals and interests, while utilizing many years of experience. In addition, Nieves IP maintains many strong relationships with IP agents in different countries throughout the world. These foreign agents provide outstanding support when seeking IP rights outside of the United States, covering practically every country of the world. This aligns perfectly with the unique global IP portfolio management experience of Nieves IP’s founder, Peter Nieves.



Protecting your created works

Global IP Portfolio Management

Global IP Portfolio Management

Protecting your global impact

IP Audits

IP Audits

Assessing & valuing your IP

IP Licensing & Agreements

Protecting your relationships



Protecting your competitive edge

Trademarks & Branding

Trademarks & Branding

Protecting your reputation

Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets

Safeguarding your secrets

Our Expertise

We are specialists in the following industry sectors

Consumer Products • Electrical • Electronics • IT & Software • Mechanical • Medical Devices • Military & Defense • Start-Up Technologies • Telecommunications

Not Sure Where To Start?

Uncover secrets to protecting your ideas & assets through Intellectual Property

We’ve seen too many people and corporations harmed by having their ideas stolen or by unknowingly performing actions that result in losing rights to protect aspects of their ideas. If that were not bad enough, so many also unknowingly waste vast resources on services that do not align with their business goals. This is due to a lack of understanding IP rights and strategic use.

Nieves IP’s founder, Peter Nieves, created a way to address this issue. Joining forces with A to E Challenges, LLC, a separate corporation that Peter created to address this very lack in the industry, Nieves IP focuses on cultivating a learning environment that supports businesses and individuals at all stages. Those not quite sure where to start with IP or seeking a deeper level of knowledge, are encouraged to explore the training provided by the Protect Your Idea Challenge (TM) and other programs made available by A to E Challenges, LLC.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We believe that no one should be excluded

Nieves IP is a minority owned business. We are passionate about contributing to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts in a way that transforms the legal community for the benefit of all. Effective transformation should include consideration and action at law school, attorney, and judicial branch. Nieves IP is deeply involved in all three.



No hidden agendas or costs to baffle or unnerve you. We take your well-being into account when we act.
Matthew 7:12



No cryptic language or lack of availability to confound you. All are equally treated with respect.
Romans 12:10



No ego, pride, arrogance, or sarcasm to discourage you.
Proverbs 11:2

Civic & Community Involvement

Diverse Ethnicity

Featured Articles

Industry Awards

Awarded Tier 2 in Patent Law in the 2024 edition of Best Law Firms®

Best Lawyers® for 2023, New Hampshire, Patent Law

Fellow of the American Bar Foundation 2021

Best Lawyers in America® 2021 Manchester Lawyer of the Year, Patent Law

Chambers USA, Intellectual Property

Best Lawyers in America®, Patent Law

New England Super Lawyer®, Intellectual Property

Managing Intellectual Property Magazine IP Star

Top Patent Prosecutors by Patent Buddy, Patent Research Review, 2011

New Hampshire Union Leader’s 40 Under Forty, 2007

Meet Peter Nieves

Patent Prosecution Attorney | Patent Litigation Attorney | Trademark Prosecution Attorney | Business Advisor | Copyright and Trade Secret Law Attorney | ​Global IP Portfolio Manager | ​Former Adjunct Professor of Patent Law | ​​Industry Recognized Leading Attorney

The Man Behind The Mission

Peter is the founder of Nieves IP Law Group, LLC.  Embracing a unique opportunity to positively effect DEI efforts in New Hampshire, as well as positively transforming the legal community by educating clients and non-clients in intellectual property law, Peter pursued his passion and calling by creating Nieves IP.  He is a nationally recognized leader in the field of intellectual property (IP), whose unique practice focuses on the many aspects of IP, both domestically and internationally. Peter is a Global IP Portfolio Manager, Patent and Trademark Prosecutor, Patent Litigator, Former Adjunct Professor of Patent Law, Business Advisor, and Mentor, with over 24 years of experience. 

Prior to opening his own firm in November of 2022, Peter was a shareholder and Head of the Sheehan Phinney Patent Law and Intellectual Property and Technology Law Groups.  For the past 10 consecutive years, while Peter was Head of the groups, they were honored by Managing Intellectual Property Magazine as the intellectual property, Tier 1, Highly Recommended law firm in New Hampshire.

Patent Prosecution Attorney | Patent Litigation Attorney | Trademark Prosecution Attorney | Business Advisor | Copyright and Trade Secret Law Attorney | ​Global IP Portfolio Manager | Former ​Adjunct Professor of Patent Law | ​​Industry Recognized Leading Attorney

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